Women Footwear Collection 2020 || High Heels Shoes

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Welcome to another video of wondered why high heels under the range of women’s footwear collection 2020. Women’s footwear is almost exclusively worn by women everywhere. What if men lifted themselves up a few inches above the ground as well? Well, technically they still do, as some High heels shoes for men do feature flat raised heels, but this is far from the idea of THE high heels. And actually in the past men have worn heeled shoes similar to some of today’s women’s high heels. So what happened? Why men don’t wear high heels today? Especially with the brave pills that the fashion industry is taking regularly, one would expect there would be men in heels on the streets by now. Ironically high heels were actually first worn by men. They were designed as riding women’s footwear. The idea was that the High heels would make it easy to keep your feet in the stirrups and allow the horse rider to stand upon them. These shoes weren’t made for walking, much like most of today’s women’s high heels. They were made just for taking the occasional steps. According to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, the first riding high heels date back to the 16th century in Persia. In 1599 the first Persian diplomatic mission was sent to Europe, reports the BBC. The Persians visited Russia, Germany, and Spain. They wore their heeled shoes which immediately caught the attention of European aristocrats. They actually saw heeled shoes as masculine and wore them to look more powerful. The heels were something like very fat cones for most of the shoes, but there were other designs too. Women Footwear Collection 2020
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