Vivobarefoot Kanna Review (Women’s) | Lightweight, Packable, And Versatile Travel Shoes

For such a lightweight pair of shoes, the Vivobarefoot Kannas are remarkably comfortable. They offer a superb option for any one-bag traveler looking for a pair of shoes that won’t take up half their pack. View Details & Buy:

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0:35 – Material & Aesthetic
3:34 – Usage & Benefits
5:46 – Durability & Testing
6:39 – Pros & Cons
7:08 – The Verdict

We’ve been digging the urban style of the Vivobarefoot Kannas and have been impressed with their versatility across different environments and clothing choices. They look great with a pair of jeans or a dress while strolling around the city, and they’ll even work for some more rural adventuring or a trip to the gym. Trying to rock these for a formal event may be a stretch, but for anything where you’d wear a normal sneaker, these will do nicely.

At the time of this review, we’ve been testing the Vivobarefoot Kannas for just over two months, and they’ve seen everyday use around the Southeast and Southwest of England. Because of their barefoot style and the fact your feet are so connected to the ground, it can take a little while to get used to wearing the Vivobarefoot Kannas. But once you do get used to them, it can feel weird to wear anything else. The barefoot style may not be for everyone, but we like it.

The Vivobarefoot Kannas are remarkably comfortable for such a minimal and lightweight pair of shoes, and we’ve been impressed with their versatility and packability. While the craftsmanship could be slightly better, they offer a superb option for any one-bag traveler looking for a pair of shoes that won’t take up half their pack. And as long as you don’t plan on hiking or venturing anywhere too cold and rainy, they may just be the only pair you need.

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In this video, Rebecca Coates of Pack Hacker reviews the Vivobarefoot Kanna. A lightweight, versatile, and packable women’s travel shoe.

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