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Spider In My Shoe | Original Scary Halloween Songs For Kids

Kids feeling something tingling at your feet? Check your shoes! You’ll will have no time to scream Spider In My Shoe once you’ll enter Haunted House! You’ll won’t be able to sit in the bed to dust it out, for the Ten in the Bed are really horrible to deal with! Neither will the Five Little Monsters and This Old Man let you’ll breathe in peace. Then, there’s Mr. Old Macdonald, who has a terrible behavior towards kids. So you’ll can’t look up to him for any assistance either. With all the distraction, don’t forget to keep a watch on road! The Wheels on the Bus Go Round And Round too fast! Also, you’ll need to be out of the Haunted House before the little stars go Twinkle Twinkle in the sky! So, to run through this scary nursery rhyme compilation, be sure to check your shoes!

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