Minimalist Running Shoes – Women’s Speed Force

The lightest, most minimal, “closest to barefoot” shoe from Xero Shoes.

The Men’s 9 is only 5.8 ounces each… Women’s 7 in this racing-ready shoe is just 5.2 ounces.

The breathable mesh upper and wicking lining make it slipper-comfortable.

The 4.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole gives it a true barefoot feel — you can remove the insole for even more sensation — and the dual chevron tread is incredibly grippy.

While we made this shoe as a racing flat, people are wearing it for practically anything, including just all-day wear.

See a BUNCH of reviews for the Speed Force here —

Like all Xero Shoes, is’t built to be NATURAL:

Your feet are made to bend, flex, move and FEEL the world. One-quarter of the bones and joints in your ENTIRE body are in your feet and ankles; you have more nerve endings in your soles than anywhere but your finger tips and lips.

Comfort and performance come from using your feet naturally.

That’s what Xero Shoes let you do.

– Natural Fit — wide toe boxes let your toes spread and relax. A non-elevated (zero-drop) heel for proper posture.
– Natural Motion — super flexible to let your feet bend and move naturally. Low-to-the-ground for balance and agility.
– Natural Feel — the patented FeelTrue┬« soles give you just-right protection while still giving the ground feedback your brain needs for efficient, natural movement.

Plus they’re affordable and so durable that they have a 5,000 mile sole warranty.

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