METRO SHOES Casual Women WEDGES Footwear S/S 2019-20 Collection
METRO SHOES Casual Women WEDGES Footwear S/S 2019-20 Collection.Latest new arrival Metro shoes brand new spring summer wedges footwear collection designs with price for women and girls.Metro Shoes is an indigenous Pakistani brand.Metro Shoes over the years, has established its reputation as one of the finest brands in fashion footwear and accessories all across the country and beyond borders, showcasing a large variety of casual, seasonal, formal, fancy and bridal collections in ladies shoes, clutches, handbags and men’s shoes, keeping in perspective the varied communal likes, interests and aspirations. Metro imports, as well locally produces, a pleasingly diverse line of distinctive designs that comprehensively caters to market sentiments. Metro Shoes has become one of the first shoe brands that women could turn to for feminine style they coveted and comfort they thought was impossible to attain.
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