Halloween, Shoes

I threw the Craziest Halloween Party in the World!

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A lot of people keep asking about which people we hired for the party so here they are!

Balloon Boutique Events
@balloonboutiqueevents (Instagram)

The Marquee outside ‘Parties Complete‘
@partiescomplete (Instagram)

Cocktail Hire (Waiters)
@cocktail_hire (Instagram)

The Photo Booth Guys
@thephotoboothguysuk (Instagram)

Magician Liam
@moorzmagic (Instagram)

Worldwide DJ
@rachelfhume (Instagram)

#1 Party Planner
@becky.hilly on Instagram

They’re all local companies to me so if you ever have a party, I highly recommend! I wasnt paid to promote them in the slightest, they were just top people & went above and beyond for us 😊

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