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Halloween Party Recipes with How to Cake It | Watch If You Dare

Thanks so much to Yolanda for joining me for this video! Check out her incredible video on #HowToCakeIt Here: https://youtu.be/ILmbPMCGNws

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If you want to make your next #Halloween party a real scream, then look no further than these gory but glorious recipes that are just to-die-for…

Severed Finger Cookies Recipe: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/severed-finger-cookies/
These Severed Finger Cookies are finger-lickin-good and so easy to make with just a basic sugar cookie dough. The secret to making them really spooky is to use slivered almonds that are a little jagged around the edges and of course, lots and lots of edible fake blood.

Zombie Guts Cinnamon Rolls Recipe: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/zombie-guts-cinnamon-rolls/
It takes a lot of guts to serve a dessert this gruesome but your bravery is sure to be rewarded when you get to gnaw on these delicious cinnamon roll intestines. They start with a red velvet cinnamon roll dough and a sweet and cinnamon-y filling. Then you simply wind the dough into intestine-inspired swirls and bake it up. Top them with some sweet glaze and you’ve got entrails that are good enough to eat. No guts, no glory right?

Putrid Punch Recipe: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/putrid-punch/
This Putrid Punch with Edible Eyeballs is the perfect way to wash down all of these wickedly good desserts. This ghoulish cocktail combines tart cherry juice with vodka, orange liqueur, sweet simple syrup and a splash of sparkling water. I like to serve it garnish with these eye-popping edible eyeballs that are effortless to prepare. Go ahead and splurge on some stainless steel cocktail picks for an extra creepy effect.

Brain Cupcakes Recipe: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/brain-cupcakes/
These zombie inspired Brain Cupcakes are sure to blow your mind. You start with some classic chocolate cupcakes (store-bought cake mix works just fine for this recipe) and then fill the center with some ooey, gooey cherry pie filling. Then you mound the tops with a classic pink buttercream in a fun brain pattern and top them off with even more edible fake blood.

Edible Fake Blood Recipe: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/edible-fake-blood/

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