FitFlop Women’s Hanabira Thong Sandal | FitFlop Women’s Shoes

FitFlop Women’s Hanabira Thong Sandal

FitFlop Women’s Hanabira Thong Sandal | FitFlop Women’s Shoes

Created in the UK, over a two-year collaboration between former Bliss spa-entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, Biomechanist Dr. David Cook and a team of untiring footwear engineers, FitFlops were initially designed to help modern women squeeze a little more exercise into their increasingly hectic schedules.”I thought, how amazing if I could invent something that would help fight the onset of cellulite while I’m walking to the office,” says Kilgore. “I work. I have kids. I have a husband. And the likelihood of me seeing the inside of a gym in the next ten years is slim to none. That said, I’d obviously prefer to go with slim.” Kilgore found Dr. Cook at The Centre for Human Performance at London’s LSBU, where he envisioned injecting the patent-pending ‘microwobbleboard’ technology into the midsole of the function-forward flip flop. Slightly destabilizing, FitFlops feature three distinct densities of EVA foam in a single-fused underfoot piece, to challenge your muscles more every time you step – to deliver a workout while you walk – FitFlop Women’s Hanabira Thong Sandal

Uber flirtatious, our new origami-inspired HANABIRA sandals mimic oversized FLOWER PETALS to take shoe lust to a whole new level. Pretty folded patent leathers layer over a soft-kid suede vamp, on unbelievably comfortable ergonomic midsoles. Indulging your inner girl has never felt so good.

FitFlop Women’s Hanabira Thong Sandal Detail | FitFlops Ladies Sandals

– Feminine, oriental-inspired thong sandal in suede
– Embellished with a ‘frill’ made of two-tone patent leather discs
– Perfect for everything from a walk in the park to a pool party
– Breathable Microfibre lining
– Biomechanically engineered Microwobbleboard™ midsole for supreme comfort (and extra height)
-FitFlop Women’s Hanabira Thong SandalThis ergonomic sandal features origami-folded patent leather layered over a soft suede strap.

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