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Best Wedding Wedges You Can Buy Now

Blush, ivory, blue, purple, silver, gold, white wedding wedges

Dream wedding dresses must always be accompanied by a pair of dream wedding shoes. Whether you are looking for ultimate comfort or a pair of haute couture stunners, wedding wedges are, hands-down, one of the best choices recommended by brides. Comfortable in any setting, wedge wedding shoes are a safe bet to comfortably last you the entire day and into the night, whether you are on grassy terrain for your garden wedding or a repurposed barn out in the country. The best wedges are made so that the platform creates equal weight distribution from the balls of your feet to your toes. The even distribution of weight in your wedding wedges will keep your ankles safer than high heels, and eliminate pressure points in your feet, making for an extremely comfortable wear. The Knot has prepared the best shopping guide for you if you choose to forgo the stilettos but still want to retain some posh femininity with a bit of a heel. We have a fun round-up of wedding wedges in all the bridal colors you can buy right now.

Wedding Wedges Tips

1. Make sure to find the right wedge. Make sure you take into consideration where you’ll have your ceremony and reception; the style of wedge wedding shoes you choose should accommodate the type of grounds you’re on. Shop around and try on different styles of wedding wedge heels before committing to one so that you are certain your choice is the best fit for your wedding style and theme.

2. Don’t forget to break your shoes in. When you must stand around for two to three hours taking pictures with the entire family, your thirteen cousins, and fifty work friends, you will wish that you had taken the time to break your shoes in months in advance. One good way to do this is to wear them around your house to do housework; just be careful to keep them clean!

3. Accessorize! Dolling up your wedding wedges with brooches and shoe clips is fun, but here we are talking about accessorizing your shoe to give you maximum comfort. From ball arches to wedding thong wedge sandal toe protectors, make sure you add the necessary accessories to give you all-day comfort in your wedding wedge shoes.

4. Have a spare pair of shoes. Experienced wedding planners recommend always carrying an extra pair of shoes for your wedding. They know that tired and sore feet or a wedding wedge with a broken heel or strap can ruin a bride’s night in about 3.5 seconds.

5. Consider getting a pedicure. Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury and stress relief with a pedicure. Not only will you feel more relaxed, you will also avoid the embarrassment of naked toes and ugly, calloused feet when your groom takes your shoe off for that garter toss.

White Wedding Wedges

Traditionally, white wedding wedges are the first choice for brides to be. For the conventional bride, matching white wedding wedges with your dress is a simple way to reflect your personality and style. Beach weddings and all-white ensembles are the best settings for a pair of white wedding wedges. Whether your white wedge wedding shoes will be in plain view or hidden underneath your dress, pick a style that reflects who you are, because it is part of your visual storyline that your photographer will capture.

Tom's white wedding wedges

For the bride who treasures ultimate comfort at her casual beachside wedding, the white wedding wedges from Tom’s wedding wedges collection is a top-rated wedding wedge heel. Brides rave about being able to climb hills, dance, and jump around for long hours in these cushioned beach wedding wedges.

ASOS Pulse white wedding wedges

Brides that are looking for a pair of edgy and CEO-styled wedge wedding shoes should consider the pointed wedge from ASOS. They echo the personal style of a driven and posh bride at a courthouse wedding; think The Wedding Planner and Sex and the City.

ASOS Pulse Pointed Wedges $58,

Vionic Felipa wedding wedges

Beach wedding wedges are popular for destination weddings, from Mexico to Bali. If you prefer not to be barefoot, the Vionic Felipa wedding wedge sandal is as close to being barefoot as you can get. Podiatrist-designed with very flexible rubber soles, this wedge flip-flop wedding option pairs beautifully with your laid-back beachy wedding ensemble.

BCBG wedding wedges

Sleek and modern brides agree, the white wedding wedges from BCBG are the stylish finish to an elegant bridal look. These wedge wedding shoes complete the sophisticated look of an A-line wedding dress with a 3” heel, white ankle strap, and clear toe strap.

BCBG Latch Wedge Sandal $109,

Shoes of Prey wedding wedges

Unique wedding styles are top of every bride’s wish list, especially in the case of wedding wedges. You can custom create your very own wedding wedge heels from Shoes of Prey with choices to create colors, laces, straps, and embellishments. There is also an option to customize wedding wedges that are already designed so you can add little personal touches to make them your very own.

Freya Rose white wedding wedges

Inspired by the French Edwardian period, this romantic lace wedding wedge is the ultimate choice in dressy wedges for weddings in a garden or barn setting. Bohemian-chic sheer lace lines the side panels to give your feet room to breathe while suede materials and additional foam lining ensure all-day comfort and support.

Freya Rose – Felicity $295,

Silver and Grey Wedding Wedges

Silver and gray wedding wedges are usually aligned with visions of sparkle and sophistication. Choosing silver wedges for your wedding attire ensures that you will be the center of attention. Your opulent tastes can be satisfied by choosing a glimmering silver dressy wedge for your wedding attire. Imagine the Hollywood-inspired reception with your ball gown and matching silver wedding wedges—it’s every little girl’s dream come true.

Balle8 silver wedding wedges

Ballroom weddings require some extra sparkle, and you can find just that on these high wedding wedge heels from Balle8. These silver wedge sandals have crisscross straps lined with crystals to give support and comfort to the non-stop bride. Due to their comfort, these sparkly wedges for wedding receptions may just be the best wedding wedges out there if you plan to dance the night away.

Nina emma evening silver wedding wedges

The Emma evening wedding wedges from Nina are the girly and feminine wedding wedge heels we all dreamed about as a little girl. Rhinestone straps and an ankle strap bow add sophistication to the satin finish of these white wedding wedges. Pair your princess ball gown with these wedding wedges to complete your look as the belle of the night.

Nina Emma Evening Wedges $119,

Badgley Mischka metallic gray wedding wedges

Badgley Mischka is a household name for wedding wedges, and these sparkly wedges for wedding receptions are the quintessential wedding wedge heels for your Cinderella story. These metallic gray wedges are perfect for any bride who wishes to opt instead for non-white wedding gowns.