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13 Ways to Update Your High Heels According to the Latest Trends 

by Luna Lupus

A cute pair of pumps or 13-inch heels is something every girl wants to hold onto as long as she can and just because your heels aren’t aligned with the latest trends anymore, doesn’t mean you need to buy new ones! You can absolutely work with the ones you already have and update them to fit your latest preferences! Check out some brilliant ideas within these 13 ways to update old high heels! 

1. High Heels with Lace

A simple and chic way of updating pumps is by adding some lace to the back of the shoe, as shown by Kollabora. This tiny little update will give your favorite shoes a newer, fresher and much cuter look! There’s nothing a little lace couldn’t fix!

2. Glitter Heels 

If you’ve decided that it’s time for some sparkle in your daily fashion, give your heels a glittery upgrade! Nobody will know they aren’t new and when they ask you where did you get these fancy radiant new shoes, be sure to tell them about TiB‘s high heel upgrading secrets!

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3. Fabric High Heels 

We’ve all bought a pair of high heels on a whim. They looked cute and were on sale, so who could resist a temptation like that? But once a couple of days or weeks pass, we realize the purchase maybe wasn’t such a good idea. Thank goodness Delia Creates has a tutorial on how to completely transform an imperfect pair of heels!

4. Faux Beaded Heels 

Summer is here and it’s time to show off your stylish summer wardrobe! Put the open-toe heels out of the closet and onto your feet! If you think that last year’s pair isn’t trendy anymore you can always update it with a really simple trick that you’ll learn at I Spy DIY!

5. Glitter Red Heels 

Give Dorothy a run for her money with these incredible glitter red heels by Crafts After College! You can use an old pair of heels that is in need of an extreme makeover and kill two birds with one stone – repurpose and old pair and get shiny new shoes as a reward!

6. Tassel Heels 

An invitation for a fancy event comes in the mail and holy crap, you’ve worn that one pair of heels so many times you’re really wishing for something new! Turns out all you need to solve this fashion emergency is a pair of tassels and the instructions from Honestly WTF! The result is a fresh, elegant and sleek pair of heels!

7. Neon Shoes 

Summer months are usually the months where all the colorful styles come out to play! If you’re still looking for the perfect pair of heels to go with your new vibrant summer dress, maybe it’s time to stop scouring the online stores and look into your own closet.  The Yess Stylist shows you how to give old heels a neon makeover!

8. T-Strap Pumps 

When you decide that your regular black pumps need an elegant upgrade in order to be ready for the next phase of their life, check in with Love Maegan to see how a simple T-strap addition can transform them into a sophisticated shoe that will accompany you to the fanciest events!

9. Bow Heels 

Pick a plain pair of heels that you’ve owned for years and give them a high fashion upgrade! Big bows on shoes are totally rocking the runway trends, so instead of spending big amounts of money on the fanciest new shoe, spend a couple of minutes with Swell Mayde learn about the latest DIY tricks!

10. Printed Pumps 

When your pumps have served their time and it’s time for new ones, a printed upgrade is one of the simplest, most creative ways to update them! You have all the freedom in the world to truly make them look however you want and we’re willing to bet nobody will ever suspect they’re not new! Find the detailed tutorial at Adventures in Fashion!

11. Flower Heels 

Florals are always such a cheerful choice of decoration. It’s no wonder they somehow always find their way into fashion! If you love the style of your heels but wouldn’t mind giving them a rosy upgrade, the flower heels by Cocorosa should be your next project!

12. Yeezy Heels 

The Yeezy shoes are still breaking the records in sales and popularity, so if you either couldn’t get your pair due to being late to the party or your bank account simply doesn’t agree with it, just give up one of your old high heels and transform them into Yeezy knock-offs with this tutorial by Rachspeed!

13. Gold Heels 

If glamorous golden high heels are still not a part of your shoe collection, now’s the time to change that! Get your glamour and luxury on with these epic heels we found at Kaydance Kloth! They are shiny, noticeable and always ready to make you the center of attention!