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6 Shoes You Should Stop Wearing in the Winter

by Nicole Kliest

Collage Vintage

We do some pretty peculiar things for the sake of fashion. Waiting outside H&M for hours to snag the latest designer collaboration, paying over $1000 for a pair of Yeezys, or even spending a countless amount of time pinning outfits we may never actually wear. However, when it comes to staying warm in the wintertime, that’s where we draw the line. Thankfully bundling up can be a stylish affair full of amazing coats, cozy knits, and seasonal footwear. That being said, there are a few select items in our closets that we think are more sensibly reserved for the warmer months of the year. Today we’re focusing on shoes, because keeping your feet toasty is the key to overcoming even the chilliest of temperatures.

Scroll down to see six shoe styles we think you should avoid during winter unless you agree to wear them with socks or thick tights. We just want to keep you warm, friends.

#1: Backless Loafers



Collage Vintage

Anyone who lives in chilly climates knows that the more you can cover up your feet, the better—don’t be cruel to your heels!

Alternative: Loafers

This one is easy—simply wear traditional loafers to get the same polished effect. 2/25

ASOS Milan Premium Leather Loafers ($72)

Style these with dark-wash vintage denim.  3/25

Dorateymur Harput ($485)

We love the detail on the front of these loafers. 4/25

Gucci Collapsible-Heel Leather Pumps ($840)

Classic and timeless.

#2: Espadrilles



Collage Vintage

Unless you enjoy soggy shoes, keep these puppies stowed in your closet until spring rolls around.

Alternative: Wooden Heels

If you like espadrilles, you’re probably drawn to earthy textures; why not experiment with wood?  6/25

Dolce Vita Caley Mules ($140)

Opt for these fashion-forward mules for your night out.  7/25

Jeffrey Campbell Lakme Square-Toe Mules ($120)

These are the perfect shoes for your everyday look. 8/25

Matiko Oda Pumps ($170)

Dress these up with a midi-length dress.

#3: Mules



Style du Monde

We know this one’s tough—they’re just so cute. But as with backless loafers, your heels aren’t cut out for subzero temperatures.

Alternative: Widow’s-Peak Pumps

Mules offer that outside-the-norm kind of silhouette, so get your fix with a pair of widow’s-peak pumps. 10/25

Stuart Weitzman Choke Up Block Heel Pumps ($375)

These are a wardrobe staple. 11/25

Who What Wear Matilda Dip Front Heeled Mules ($35)

Fashion girls wear these with a leather jacket.  12/25

Zara V-Cut High-Heel Court Shoes ($40)

Everyone needs simple black pumps. 

#4: Open-Toe Sandals



Style du Monde

This little piggy would like to avoid frostbite at all costs, thank you very much.

Alternative: Embellished Heels

Get the same pizzazz from your footwear without subjecting your toes to the snow; festively embellished heels should do the trick. 14/25

Trademark Satin Suzanne Mule ($598)

We love the playful puff on these mules. 15/25

Sam Edelman Haroldson Pump With Faux-Fur Pom-Pom ($130)

Wear this sophisticated heel to dress up any outfit. 16/25

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pointy Toe Pump ($965)

These shoes will last you a lifetime. 

#5: Slides



Style du Monde

We doubt you’re going anywhere near a pool in the immediate future, which we think justifies storing these away for a few more months.

Alternative: Slippers

One of the best aspects of slides is the ease of getting them on and off. Try a pair of slippers for a comparable effect. 18/25

Vince Bray Suede Flats ($295)

So classic you’ll wear them with everything. 19/25

H&M Loafers ($20)

Style these faux-suede loafers with a blazer. 20/25

Gianvito Rossi Velvet Slippers ($645)

We love the pop of color. 21/25

Zara Slippers With Faux Fur Detail ($50)

The faux-fur detail upgrades any look.

#6: Slingbacks



Style du Monde

Again, it’s not easy being bare-heeled in the winter.

Alternative: Ankle-Strap Heels

So you like an extra strap or two on your heels; we don’t blame you. For an easy substitute, try a pair with ankle straps. 23/25

Mango Velvet Suede Flats ($70)

Cuff the hem of your trousers with these shoes to show off the ankle strap. 24/25

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Flynn Sandal ($795)

Pair these shoes with a suede skirt for a night out. 25/25