Womens Boots

Womens Boots

Best Boots for Petite Women

A variety of boot styles flatter petite frames, especially when they’re paired with the right outfit. Ankle boots look great with your favorite jeans or a mid-calf dress length, and boots with heels enhance your height no matter what you’re wearing. Knee-high boots aren’t out of the question either, and they look good with long or short hemlines. Browse these popular styles of boots for women with your outfit in mind to find the perfect pair for every occasion.

Woman in blue jeans and brown boots
Black ankle boot

Everyday Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one of the most versatile boot styles for petite women. Short boots make it much easier to get a height that flatters your leg, regardless of what you’re wearing. Brown or black boots with a low heel and a simple design are a casual wardrobe essential that looks amazing with jeans or leggings. Flat, western-style ankle boots are perfect for flowing skirts and denim.

Brown ankle boot with a heel

Ankle Boots with Heels

Heels are a petite girl’s best friend. Medium heels add some height to your appearance and still provide enough comfort for everyday use. High-heeled ankle boots with a lace-up design are the perfect shoe for elegant occasions. Choose a high heel with a sleek, zippered design to dress up your favorite skinny jeans, or try a simple single-buckle design with a skirt that falls about mid-calf.

Knee-high black riding boots

Knee-High Riding Boots

Petite women aren’t limited to short boots. Boots that come just beneath the knee are typically the most flattering long boot style for shorter legs. Zippered riding boots with a snug fit and a bit of a heel are a versatile addition to your closet. Wear them over jeans or with any skirt below the knee, or pair them with a mini and make a head-turning fashion statement. Simple embellishments are the best option if you want to make your legs appear longer. Opt for a single buckle near the ankle or an unobtrusive side lace to add style without shortening your appearance.

Brown high-heel wedge boot

High-Heel Wedge Boots

Wedge boots are much more comfortable than skinny heels, and they add a trendy touch to casual and dressy fashions. Wear knee-high boots with a high wedged heel under skirts and dresses of any length, or opt for ankle boots with a lace-up design for a fun and casual appearance. Many petite women prefer high-heel wedge boots because they offer style and stability along with the height-enhancing benefits of heels.S

Green pointed-toe boots

Pointed-Toe Boots for Petite Women

Boots with a tapered toe have a slimming and elongating effect on the legs above them. Choose a pointed or rounded toe rather than a squared toe to get the best look out of any boot style. Pointed toes are typically more eye-catching, while rounded toes offer a softer, more casual appearance.S

Light brown winter boot

Winter Boots

Fur cuffs and fleece linings are must-haves for cold weather, regardless of your frame size. If you’re petite, opt for an ankle-height boot with basic fur embellishments instead of mid-calf slouch styles that may make you appear shorter. When snow starts falling, slip on a boot with rubber soles and furry faux suede uppers for a stylish way to brave the elements. Choose leather or suede boots for extra warmth in the winter.S

Blue and green cowboy boot

Cowboy Boots

Finding the right pair of cowboy boots may seem challenging. The typical pointed-toe design of most western-style boots benefits petite women, but the common mid-calf height of these boots may not sit far enough below the knee on many petite women. Browse cowboy-style ankle boots or knee-high cowboy boots for a look that flatters your petite frame size.