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Velvet Boots- 40+ Images Ideas

14 Best Tips on How to Style Velvet Boots

best velvet boots outfits

I have always been a fan of suede boots because of the elegant matte texture. I also like the cool factor in the leather boots too. The velvet boots, on the other hand, are kind of in between those two types of boots. They have the shiny finishing of the leather boots and the furry texture of the suede boots. I also view them as a shiny version of the suede boots, and it makes sense to style them velvet boots like the suede boots too. For this blog post, I have gathered some of the best velvet boots outfit ideas for you. They are surprising easy to pull off. Let’s take a look at the list now.

Burgundy Thigh High Boots with Grey Long Wool Coat


To start off the list, I am going to show you a professional looking yet beautiful black-white-and-grey outfit. Simply wear a white button up shirt with a grey pencil skirt. Drape a grey long wool coat over your shoulders. Most important, wear a pair of burgundy thigh high boots to add an elegant touch to the already beautiful outfit.

Brown Velvet Ankle Boots with Black Shift Dress & Corduroy Jacket

brown velvet ankle boots black shirt dress


This outfit is answers an interesting question: can velvet and corduroy look good together? The answer is a definite yes. You can wear a brown corduroy jacket with brown velvet ankle boots to create an amazing look. With these pieces, wear a black shift dress and a black purse to keep the elegant look consistent.

Burgundy Boots with Grey Cardigan & Flare Skirt

black boots green cardigan skater skirt


For a breezy street outfit, you can wear a grey cardigan with a black printed flare skirt. Wear black or burdgundy velvet ankle boots to complete the outfit with style. You can also wear a purple purse to add a little bit of shocking color to spice up the outfit.

Blue Faux Fur Coat with Velvet Ankle Boots

blue faux fur coat velvet anklet boots


For a classy look, you can wear a black shift dress with a blue faux fur coat. Wear a silk scarf to add some details to the top. For the bottom, wear black stocks and dark blue velvet ankle boots.

Wear with Black and White Striped Button Up Shirt & Leather Skirt

black and white button up shirt leather skirt


For a stylish and tough look, you can wear a black and white striped button up shirt with a navy wool coat for the top. For the bottom, wear a black leather mini skirt with brown velvet ankle boots. This outfit is especially suited for those of you that have creative jobs such as designers and artists.

Polka Dot Short Leather Jacket with Silver Velvet Ankle Boots

polka dot short jacket silver velvet ankle boots


This is a stylish outfit that has so many interesting and eye catching details. For the top, wear a white button up shirt with a white and black polka dot leather jacket. Pair them with ripped jeans and grey velvet ankle boots.

Pink Velvet Ankle Boots with Black Sweater with Grey Maxi Skirt

pink velvet ankle boots grey maxi skirt


This comfortable looking outfit features a breezy grey maxi skirt. Simple pair the loose fit skirt with an oversized black sweater to go along with the pink velvet ankle boots. A pink or white purse can also make the pieces of the outfit glue together much better.

Black Boots with White Top & Pink Pencil Skirt

black boots white top pink pencil skirt


This outfit is a very unique and artistic looking outfit. You can wear a white form fitting white top with a pink pencil skirt. Pair them with black velvet ankle boots. For an additional artistic touch, wear a black flat cap.

Wear with Brown Faux Fur Collar Suede Jacket

grey faux fur collar suede jacket


This is such a well put together outfit which all the pieces just seem to match well with each other. For the top, wear a black and white high neck striped sweater with a brown fur collar suede jacket. For the bottom, wear skinny jeans with blue velvet ankle boots. I really how the casual outfit has some roughness and toughness in it.

Wear with White Sweater & Black Skinny Jeans

white sweater black skinny jeans


For a minimal look, you may want to consider this comfortable looking and feminine outfit. Simple wear a white comfy oversized knit sweater with high waisted black skinny jeans. Add some extra elegance to the outfit by wearing black velvet ankle boots. As simple as this outfit looks, the colors and textures of the pieces just blend in with each other perfectly to create such a beautiful and ladylike look.

Blue and White Striped Tie Waist Wrap Dress

blue and white striped tie waist dress


For a unique look, a stylish tie waist dress like this may just make you stand out from the rest. Simply wear the blue and white striped wrap dress with a pair of black velvet ankle boots. Wear a white classy purse to add a touch of elegance to the remarkable outfit.

Black One Shoulder Bodycon Dress with Velvet Ankle Boots

black one shoulder bodycon dress with velvet ankle boots


If you want to dress sexy but you don’t want to should too much skin, this one shoulder dress may be for you. You can simply wear the black one shoulder bodycon dress with stockings and black velvet boots. The three simple pieces while put together simply look stunning.

Pink Velvet Ankle Boots with Grey Denim Jumpsuit

pink velvet ankle boots grey denim jumpsuit


This outfit has to be one of the most unique outfit among the list, if not the most. First of all, the velvet ankle boots use a rather surprising color, namely the shocking pink. Also, it is not usual to pair velvet boots with a jumpsuit, yet the boots and the grey denim jumpsuit seem to work together wonderfully. Wear the jumpsuit and the boots with a heather grey sweatshirt to complete this creative and good looking outfit.

Black Leather Jacket with Shift Dress & Blue Boots

black leather jacket shift dress blue boots


For a stylish and dark look, you can wear a black shift dress with a black leather jacket. Wear blue velvet ankle boots to add just a little bit of color to the black outfit. For some extra style, wear a choker necklace. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar necklaces, you may want to check out our blog post on how to style a choker necklace.

Here are some of the best velvet boots outfit ideas I have put together for you. Make sure you give them a try to add more options to your boots game.