Sorel Boots

Sorel Boots

Sponsored: Class to Party Outfit Ideas with SOREL


One of my favorite college wardrobe staples is a good pair of tall brown boots. With school starting up again, it’s officially boot season – and I’ve been loving my newest pair, courtesy of SOREL. Their boots are bold, beautiful, and luxurious, while still being incredibly functional.


The Slimboot walks the line between stylish and tough. With socks, these boots fit like a dream. Tall, brown boots like these are the easiest thing to wear with just about anything. Plus, they’re waterproof. Can you say dream come true?

Below, I’ll show you how I’m styling these gorgeous boots for outfits that’ll take you from class to a night out in a flash.

1. Indigo Ease


It doesn’t get much easier than a white top and jeans, but to make things more stylish, add pants in a fun fall color and try a white top with interesting details, like crochet and scalloped edges. Stylish, versatile and easy–perfect for early morning classes.

Infinity scarves are a great way to add color, and are perfect if you’re scarf-knot challenged, like yours truly.

2. Crunching Leaves

Black skort tan sweater sorel boots

Since I live life on the edge, I do things like check my groceries out in the self-checkout line, wear un-matching socks, and mix black and brown. I actually prefer tan rather than white on my skin tone, so this color combination has been one of my favorites for looking effortlessly chic.

Asymmetrical skorts transport me to a runway, and they look great with a tall pair of boots.

No matter if your idea of a party is going downtown, crunching leaves on your way to class, or baking snickerdoodles with your sweetheart, this outfit has you covered.

3. Transitional Layers

Blue floral kimono brown sorel boots black tank

Kimonos are a great way to incorporate patterns into a wardrobe. They’re lightweight, making them perfect for the dog days of summer when it’s warm during the day and chilly at night.

Once again, I’m breaking some old-school rules sporting black, brown and navy, but as you can see, the look is both rustic and fall-appropriate. We say, be bold, break the rules, and mix neutrals to your heart’s content.

4. Modern Nature


While we’re talking about patterns, can I say this wild mixture of geometric patterns is gorgeous? Those brass studs make me want to dance with joy.

I paired this skirt with everyone’s favorite shirt, the universal white pocket tee. For a dose of color, I’m wearing a turquoise stone necklace, one of my favorite accessories.

To keep proportions from looking out of place, I recommend wearing taller boots with shorter hems.

Plus! #1Boot3Ways on CF’s Insta!

SOREL boots on campus - College Fashion

Want even more ideas on how to style these awesome SOREL boots? Check out CF’s Instagram account, where I’ll be participating in the #1Boot3Ways challenge and styling these boots in three completely different looks. See you there!

What’s your favorite way to wear boots?