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Military Boots- 40+ Images Ideas

40 Men’s Military Boots Ideas – Feel Original Wherever You Go

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Men’s military boots have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Even though initially intended for the army, they have found their place in the fashion world quite nicely. It doesn’t matter if you are aiming for a casual, rough, street, formal or adventurous look, these boots will help you stand-out and feel original wherever you go. If you are interested in a few combinations, we introduce you to 40 ideas which can change your outlook in a matter of minutes.

# 1 Classy & Slim

1 Classy & Slim


These tightly laced slick black shoes spots an athletic military look, which combined with the overall slim shape helps them achieve a nice sense of classiness and formality. A perfect choice for a stylish yet strong appeal when going out.Useful Product

# 2 Elegant & Black

2 Elegant & Black


These elegant boots help portray a stable look through their reflectivity. Combined with the long, grey, wooly cardigan and black shirt, they make for a perfect addition to any attractive daily look. Partially formal, partially spontaneous, it can’t get better than that.

# 3 Leather Bold

3 Leather Bold


The leather texture of these boots combined with the complimentary red leather jacket creates a definite fashion statement. Together with the gray shirt the outfit remains well-balanced and sends out a sturdy look. Ideal for standing out in the crowd.

# 4 Creamy Contrast

4 Creamy Contrast


These unique creamy military shoes make a great fit with the light cream baseball cap. The dark denim jeans provide a nice contrast to the overall brightly fitted outfit. A perfect match when you’re aiming for a casual look.

# 5 Limestone White

5 Limestone White


These flawless looking limestone coloured boots are an ideal match for someone who wants to stand out with a cool colour palette. A nice, clean, matte look is certain to impress. A good fashion idea for the cold gloomy days.

# 6 Winter Ideal

6 Winter Ideal


The optimal winter boots! A fabulous combination of double coloured shoes. A cream sole and general brown coloured leather come together in s commonly used but still very fitting combination. Fits well with the cream and blue denim jacket addition.

# 7 Dark & Cool

7 Dark & Cool


These dark boots give out a cool, calm and collected vibe. It’s a perfect fit when you compare them to the very much brighter jacket. A suitable outfit for a night out and for casual hanging out around the city.

# 8 Happy & Bright

8 Happy & Bright


These bright caramel coloured shoes make a nice happy statement. With the very luminous white pants and similarly themed coat, it gives out a nice balanced look. A good combination to liven up any closet that needs a bit of contrast.Useful Product

# 9 Tall & Unique

9 Tall & Unique


These tall, above ankle-high boots not only have a unique, taller, brighter coloured sole but also when paired with the military trousers achieve a certain, strong, rugged appeal. A comfy and cozy alternative to the typical military boots.

# 10 Black & Silver Combo

10 Black & Silver Combo


The black leather and bright silver sole combo of these boots set them apart from the other shoes. They are a great indication of style and fashion-sense. Paired together with similarly coloured trousers, it’s an overall fitting and stabilized look for a day out.Useful Product

# 11 Black & Brown Intertwine

11 Black & Brown Intertwine


This uncommon military boot design cannot be seen in many places. The black and brown leather co-existing in one pattern provides a certain look that stands out among the rest of the candidates. A vibrant and lively mix.

# 12 Dark & Comfy

12 Dark & Comfy


These dark, comfortable military boots fit pretty well with the street-hoodie look, complimenting the beanie and overall casual wear of the outfit. The dark colors favor each other well and would prove suitable for daily casual wear.

# 13 Modern & Smart

13 Modern & Smart


These modern and smart shoes are easily suitable for a day at work or at an office, fitting the formal ideal of everyday life. Together with a smart jacket and case, you couldn’t ask for a better outfit for work.

# 14 Classic & Casual

14 Classic & Casual


These military boots give out a distinct classic vibe along with a French clothing appeal, which is always a nice addition to any outside outfit. Whether it’s for a dinner night out or a party, this combo will do you justice.

# 15 Bright Antique

15 Bright Antique


These bright antique-looking boots are a glamorous extension to any closet. With an undeniable 1800s vibe they bring the old back to the new. The long complimentary jacket setting them apart from the rest of the clothes.

# 16 Pointy & Brown

16 Pointy & Brown


These pointy military boots are not only simple but bring to mind old lacquered wood, already screaming the word “unique”. Together with the long black cape, the boots will raise a certain sense of mystery and curiosity.

# 17 Tall & Sunny

17 Tall & Sunny


These unusually tall and sunny boots are the original pair out of this pack of shoes. If this look is up to your alley, grab a similarly toned coat and you will fit right in among the autumn leaves!Useful Product

# 18 Rough Cowboy

18 Rough Cowboy


This rough look combined with the cowboy-looking military boots and ripped jeans is a nice ideal for a someone that’s searching for both a bad-boy and rugged look. A good fit for hanging out with friends.

# 19 Thick & Tall

19 Thick & Tall


These thick and tall boots give out a vibe of a strong personality and character. The leather coat and ripped trousers add to the rough but casual look, making the character seem subtle yet intriguing at the same time.

# 20 Comfy Academic

20 Comfy Academic


Military shoes with a turtle-neck can only mean one thing: something good and comfy. A perfect academic look for a teacher or anyone who is engaging in formal work and needs to invest in an equally fitting attire.Useful Product

# 21 High-Ankle & Casual

21 High-Ankle & Casual


These high-ankle boots are superb when you have them accompany a casual yet fashionable hoodie and long gray shirt. The unique tip of the soles sets these shoes apart from the classical one-color boots available.

# 22 Formal & Cosy

22 Formal & Cosy


The formal yet cosy look of these shoes is sure to be a good choice for any type of travelling or daily shopping. Along with an alike coloured hat, this set is a sure a fire way to impress the crowds.

# 23 Chill-Out Brown

23 Chill-Out Brown


The ultimate chill-out boots with a general brown-hue color all around and high shoelaces. Once more introducing a fresh, robust, yet formal look. Together with the military jacket, it’s hard to resist this perfect combination.

# 24 Outback Black

24 Outback Black


These boots are perfect for wandering out in the outback or just overall for bringing out the adventurous spirit from within. The classical black color benefits the rest of the attire to give out a bold and cunning look.

# 25 Lanky & Proper

25 Lanky & Proper


These lanky boots are perfect for obtaining the proper, formal look. Together with the all-around grey pants and jacket, it makes for a perfect outfit, be it for a day of work or a late night dinner at a restaurant.

These lanky boots are perfect for obtaining the proper look, together with the all-around grey pants and jacket, it makes for a perfect work outfit. And here we come to end of these few dozen combinations that you can match and mix and try out during your next night out or shopping endeavor. As presented, military boots are suitable for almost any outfit when chosen with care. The varieties, shapes, sizes and patterns differ to suit everyone’s needs!