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5 Ways To Wear Hunter Boots

We’re gearing up for our trip through New England at the end of this week (but first- a stop in NYC for an event I’m hosting!) and I’ve been planning out/packing all my fall outfits. It wasn’t a big realization, since I’ve always sort of known this and have talked about it here on the blog, but my Hunter boots are really a staple in my wardrobe. I’m always surprised by the amount of questions I get from readers asking how much I actually wear them, if I find them comfortable and if I would recommend traveling with them. So, today’s post is dedicated to all things Hunter boots- my favorite styles, which ones to travel with and my five favorite ways to wear them.

Red and Black Hunter Boots
Hunter Boots English Countryside
hunter boots big sur
Green Hunter Boots
Waterproof Hunter Boots

My most worn, and probably the most obvious, way I wear my Hunter boots are with a variety of my skinny jeans. Whether I’m dressing for a rainy day, out exploring or need a good “outdoorsy” boot, these are always my go-to. While my Black Matte Original Tall Boots get the most wear for their versatility, I do love my Tour packable boots for traveling (see above in green). They are a bit lighter than the original and are more flexible, making them ideal for packing.

Rainy Day Outfit

The great thing about Hunter boots are that they are season-less. You can literally wear them every single month of the year. And an added bonus? They get better with age- I love that worn in look that shows lots of love. Aside from pants, I’ll also bring my boots out and wear them with skirts in the spring or summer (like here and here). I know I’m definitely planning on doing that this fall with a cute suede or corduroy mini skirt.


Like I did in Ireland, the English Countryside and Santa Barbara, I’ll pair my Hunter boots with my favorite dresses depending on the weather. Even if it isn’t raining, it’s nice to have them in locations that might be muddy or dusty.

Green Hunters
Mt Tam Outfit
Warm weather outfit with hunter boots

Lastly, I’ll also wear them with my white denim or even shorts, like here and here. If you’re also worried about the boots not fitting your calves, I recommend getting the Huntress boots, which are a bit wider, or the Adjustable Calf Rainboots. If you’re looking for something sleeker, the Original Refined boots are slimming and chic. And, if you love a good print, this floral printed pair of Hunter boots are quite fun!