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Cowboy boots are a staple of American fashion and always make a statement. Ranch hands, country singers, and famous Western stars have made them a classic look: distinctive, rugged, and slightly edgy. Whether you’re a man or woman, cowboy boots, worn with flair and balanced with well-structured, stylish pieces, can set most outfits to good advantage.

Cute Outfit Ideas With Cowgirl Boots

by Jennifer Blair

Wearing cowgirl boots over a pair of skinny jeans helps give them a modern look.
Wearing cowgirl boots over a pair of skinny jeans helps give them a modern look.

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You don’t have to ride in the rodeo to appreciate the rugged style of a pair of cowgirl boots. Available in a variety of colors and even patterns, these boots can add striking western flair to even the simplest of outfits. But if you want to look cute in your cowgirl boots and not like you’re trying to tame a bucking bronco, choosing the right pieces to pair with them is key.

Keep It Classic

For a classic look, pair your cowgirl boots with denim but to avoid looking like you just stepped off a ranch, don’t go head to toe with denim pieces. Wear your boots with your favorite jeans – you can opt for a boot cut jeans and wear them over your boots for a traditional look or go for a modern feel by wearing the boots over a pair of skinny jeans. For your top, choose a plain t-shirt or fitted button-down blouse. If you want a more polished look, throw a blazer over the top with the jeans and boots. You can also pair your cowgirl boots with a denim skirt for a flirty look.

Get Dressy

Cowgirl boots can have a rugged look, so pairing them with a feminine dress is an ideal way to keep your look soft and cute. Pair your boots with a sundress that has a delicate floral print or lace details to dress — brown boots look particularly striking with a white eyelet summer dress. If you don’t like the look of bare legs and boots, save the cowgirl boot/dress combination for the fall and winter when you can wear tights. In the cool weather, try pairing your cowgirl boots with shirt dress. If the dress is little loose, cinch it with a leather belt that matches the boots to tie the look together. You can also make a modern wrap dress can look a little sexier by wearing it with your boots.

Get Comfortable

Give your cowgirl boots a relaxed, casual look by wearing them over your favorite leggings. You can opt for classic black or choose a more colorful option if your boots feature plain leather in a neutral color like black or brown. Jeggings (jean colored leggings) are also an ideal option with the boots. When it comes to choosing a top, go with a style that’s loose and long enough to cover your backside. A comfortable boyfriend sweater or cardigan is an ideal option for cold weather, while tunic style tops work year round.

Get Maxi-mum Style

While cowgirl boots can add plenty of personality to an outfit, you don’t always want them to be the star of your look. When you want to rock your boots in a subtle way, wear them with your favorite maxi-skirt. Since the skirt goes all the way to the floor, only the tips of your boots show to give your look just the right amount of western flair. Keep your look understated with a solid colored skirt or go for major drama with a maxi skirt in a bold floral or striped pattern. Pair the skirt and boots with a fitted top to keep your silhouette balanced — a snug t-shirt or tank works well for a casual ensemble, while a tailored button-down offers a more polished look.

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